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Products --> Single Screw, Barrel & Accessories
Single Screw, Barrel & Accessories

Single screw and barrel for extruders
☆Screw Diameter:Φ20-Φ500mm
☆Maximun screw length: 10000mm
☆Barrel inner bore diameter: Φ500mm


Single screw and barrel for injection moulding machine:
☆Clamping force:25-3200tons
☆Injection capacity:30g-25000g

Accessories for screw and barrel
☆Kinds of accessories for single screw and barrel as like screw caps,
ring seat, ring valve ect.,

☆ Depth of nitration case:0.4-0.7mm
☆ Hardness of nitration:HV900-1060 (HRc56°-65°)
☆ Roughness of the surface:Ra 0.4μm
☆ Screw straightness: 0.015mm/m
☆ Chrome plating thickness: 0.01-0.1mm
☆ Fully hard screw(wear-proof, corrosion-proof, heatproof, high-pressure proof and high-speed proof):HPT1 、 HPT2 、 HPT3
☆ Suitable plastic material: PP,PE,ABS,AS,PS etc.
☆ Material: SACM-645, SCM440, 38CrMoALA